The false gods of Movie magic


The media are controlled by one main force; the god of this world. Be careful of the movies that are set up to give the false image of a bible story for the sake of a new fade for movies. Ever since the one true Great movie, The Passion of Christ, hit the box office and gathered lots of fame and money. Directors all around the world wanted to cash in on this. Where else can they find such great stories? From the the same source of course. But because the men lack the passion or reasoning behind their efforts they are heavily directed by false spirits and attentions of others that just wanted to put out a bible movie. The problem with this is that the stories are so full of false interpretation that it merely ends up being a platform for discrediting Christianity more the helping it spread. Exodus was probably the worse bible movie I have ever seen. Putting aside the fact that it was horribly acted out, none of the things that made Moses story truly special was there. Instead movies like this and others try and take God out it directly and put in interpretations of him as a dream or a vision someone got after hitting his head. This leaves the door open to allow those who don’t want to believe in the One True God to allow them an out as it doesn’t really point back to the God of the Old testament and New and leaves it to be anything from a bad dream, one of many gods (Not Yahweh), or even a alien in nature. In this case,worse yet, show God as a Child and flat out ignore the burning bush scene period basically.

The movie Noah does this same thing as they throughout the whole movie only address him as the Creator and goes so far as to write that Noah was shown to have to kill his own grand daughter all while getting visions from the creator from drug intake. Then put in false stories about fallen angels coming down to help men and being allowed to return to heaven when they really can from heaven to sleep with the daughters of men and we’re never allowed back. They then created false stories about one of Noah’s son never having a wife and being jealous of the other brother as only one of Noah’s sons had a “girlfriend” he had sex with after a witchcraft blessing was placed on her by Methuselah. This then made it as if sex was ok without marriage and magic was tied into God. This jealous son then plotted to kill his own father Noah. The bible is very clear that when noah took to the ship all his sons had wives and he was about 600 years old. And that Noah never once thought that his job was to make sure his family died out.


Be very careful my Christian brothers. The devil wears many faces and this is one of them.

What the entertainment division of this world is doing is rewriting bible stories to sale the idea of a “generic God” that can molded into whatever form you want even a corrupt one. This isn’t our God. He isn’t what we make him to be. He is what he says he is.

His Word has a purpose as do the stories and they should not be twisted in such matter. In fact, it’s blasphemous to do so. Stay far away from such movies.


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