The scariest thing about His word is how it proves how little we’re really following it.


I have been studying the scripture for years. I’ve attended schools and have set under great Bible teachers in different denominations. Knowledge is pain, I’ve said this before but I need to say it again. Even when we think we have it down more is revealed to show us yet again just how much grace and mercy we need in our life because we are so far from being what we should be. I am not a perfect man and I have sins in my life that I both overcame and yet have some that I’ve slide back down to like all of us. It’s not a fun life if you take things serious. Its full of troubles and trails in one way or another. The true blessing is how we remain alive and not insane throughout it all. Without him we have nothing and are nothing. But through it all the scariest thing for me right now is the knowledge that I may never find a place for me and my family. I fear that I have to take whatever out there just to have a place to be. All my life I really felt that the truth is out there and there are others that know about it and teach about, a common place of faith that pagan worship is absent from without assumptions of grandeur. A place that believes on truly what the Bible says and directs others towards the same. A place not influenced by the world’s view and ignore scripture facts to fit in. This place doesn’t exist I fear. They all claim to be right yet none, by themselves, are. It’s like I’m waiting on the one church that takes difference and puts them aside and focuses on nothing but salvation the way the scripture has written it out to be. Look I know most of you will claim your church teaches this but sooner or later it comes out just like the others they don’t. They either believe in denominations rituals and rules over what the scripture holds you too or they allow anything to be accepted inside the doors ignoring scripture yet again. There seems to be no middle ground. So I still search, faithfully not in vain.


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