Are we aware that Elohim nor His Son are crucifixes!


The cross! The image has represented emotion in many believers today. In movies it is said to have power over the evil of this world, be it vampires or Satan himself. Worldwide it is carried on necklaces, place on top of churches and or put in tattoos on people bodies. For hundreds of years we have been told this is the item that represents salvation or power if held or even kissed. In some they hold it as if christ still hung on it himself .


This might hurt a little but it is what I have always talked about on this site, the truth. As a Christian myself I find it shocking that most of use still can’t separate truth from myth and traditions. So much of man’s actions are traditional rituals that have nothing to do with God himself. First off, the word mistranslated into cross is Stauros which means upright stake or pole in its basic definition. It has never been used to ID a formation like a cross during the crusified Christ dated time. In fact the idea of the cross came over a hundred years or more after this event. The image itself was made popular because of a dream a leader had that wasn’t a Christian or follower or Elohim. But claimed he had a dream and a promise that if he marched into battle with the image of a cross he would win and he did, so he lifted the acts against Christians and their belief at that timw because of that dream. Did God truly give him the dream? I don’t know. Nobody can say for sure but what we do know is that the image of the cross isn’t new. It’s a instrument of death. Used to kill and torture people. Personally if Christ died on a tire it wouldn’t mean any less to me nor should it you. Christ and Elohim are our saviors here not the cross, stake or pole. How Christ was tortured before his death has nothing to do with the purity of his sacrifice. It doesn’t give his death more power or meaning if it was a cross, pole, or a rock. But most importantly it doesn’t make that rock, pole, or cross an object of worship. It was used before Christ hung on it and it was used there after. If anything the cross or stake should be a image of shame for us. It is there our savior was killed because of our sins. Why would I want to put that on my body or around my neck. It wasn’t made by Christ or Elohim as some secret power device that only Christ should be killed on. Man created this device. Sinful men, men who could not care two cents about a savior or God. Lastly, here’s a secret. Christ isn’t on the cross anymore people. Stop creating false idols of a person on a cross when nobody knows what christ looked like. So whoever is painted and carved into a image on the cross isn’t him and you are making a false God out of it. Yes even Micheal Angelo version of Christ is false. Don’t make any graven images (statues) of anything in heaven, earth or sea below, remember the commandment? Why , because no matter your purpose or skill you would never get the true image of Elohim or Christ and that equals to a false images or false gods that you are kissing and bowing down to or putting on your body. God is not a cross , Christ is no longer on the cross, and that instrument of death for our savior may not have been a cross period when all is said and done. So stop putting faith in idols things and images. Focus on Christ and Elohim through faith.This is what they desire of us. Not rituals, traditions, and false idols of them.


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