How do we find God in Man’s denominations?


The more you study, attend biblical schools, and do research on scripture the more you find that you wish that didn’t, in a way. Knowledge is pain. The more you know, the more you find traditions of men, not God. Through my journey with speaking and learning from different denominations the more I find common elements. The thought principle of “We are the true church” or a list of needed steps, beliefs, and or rituals that the Bible neither supports or gives word to is the result. Yet they all claim to follow the same bible pretty much. Yes there are some denominations that have more books in their bible such as Catholics but again their own added books never support the concept they hold to praying to saints or having any other mediator between God and Man but Christ much less create statues of them to bow down and pray to them. In fact their bible and others show this is forbidden to do. Then we have different translations of the bible found in denominations like Jehovah witnesses. But again even using their bible nothing in it supports or gives them the ok for them replacing the Jews with their organization in key scriptures such as the call of the 144,000. Anyone or any religion can make claims about that but bottom line the scripture is very clear from old testament to the New that the 144,000 are of the Jewish blood line  and are all males, virgin males to be exact. Then we move to Baptist, who’s creed for the majority of them “say” that you need only to confess with you mouth and believe in heart that christ is the son of God, died for your sins, and rose from the dead for salvation. This among all others is truly the only requirement of salvation that the Bible actual actually says. If this was it I would say bravo. But then they turn around and add other stuff such as the man made concept of the Trinity. They will tell others that do not believe in this concept that they will go to hell if this isn’t how you explain what God is or how the son and father exist. Wait, what about the creed you preach for the requirement of salvation. Nowhere in the bible is the words “oh, yeah….I forgot.. you have to believe God is a trinity for you to be saved”. God has never required man to understand how he is or exactly what in essence he is. Nor does he require man to understand exactly everything between he the Father and the Son came to be as a requirement for your salvation. Man makes this a requirement not God. Flip the same coin around and we have the Pentecostal belief that God isn’t made up of three people but he is only One person. And again, the requirement to be able to come up with a explanation to describe God and how he does what he does between him the Father and his son or how they are made up is not now nor ever was a requirement for your salvation. As man we spend our life trying to figure out the keys of the universe and how it is. It’s in our nature I guess but we are talking about a Being that has knowledge well and above anything we can comprehend so why do we think he would require us to be able to explain him as a requirement of salvation when we would be wrong no matter what we said because what ever we came up with would still be light years away from explaining truly what he is. I could gone on and on with examples of more things and more denominations but I believe you get where I’m going. I have been in search of a place that this truth is known. A building of like minded people that just allow scripture to speak for itself and place none of man’s regulations upon its people but yet stand against things mentioned as sin no matter how popular those life styles are for the world (homosexuality, Easter bunnies, and Winter solstice pagan worship in place of christ for Christmas, etc ). I am getting closer to understanding that this place or people might not yet exist as a church. I’m tired of hitting wrong turns and seeing the same things over and over. “If you aren’t catholic you aren’t saved , if you aren’t Jehovah Witness then you aren’t apart of his true family. If you don’t believe how we explain the nature of the Son, Father, or Holy spirit then you aren’t saved. How about we have Christ Yeshua as our risen from the dead Lord and master being the son of God and having to die for man’s sins and let him work out the rest as our advocate and high priest to the Father, Elohim?


One thought on “How do we find God in Man’s denominations?

  1. A great sentiment. Jesus himself prayed for the unity of the Church. Sad that we won’t see it reach its fulness until we stand together before God’s throne of grace.

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