I guess Sony thinks the Christian faith is something to joke about!


Some of you that may not think what Christ did for us all is something serious or sacred but true, real Christians ,don’t joke about nor compare anything to Him. So when I see things like that , I find nothing lite hearted or funny about actions like this. Not only is the top picture showing clips of a 13 year old lesbian girl with her girlfriend( as revealed in their DLC )but the follow words on the blog cast heading about Praising the Son ( mind you not son, but Son) which isn’t Christ according to them, but a video game character that they push off to be evil or good at first but then the creators turn around and encourages people to play he game as evil, is just flat out sick. The Only Son that should be praised suffered greatly to be called this and tried to redeem us all. So to joke about this title and apply so unjustly and unworthy to a video game character is offensive. Keep games what’s they need to be,neutral. I don’t even need a game that talks about Christian life or believes, just don’t put this stuff, one way or another, in the game period. The Last of Us story plot had nothing to do with a 13 year old lesbian child’s crush. It didn’t have to be about her kissing anyone period. Putting that in the game didn’t make the story any better nor did it bring the game’s understanding to any new heights. So again it wasn’t needed nor warranted for anything but controversy and attention to what’s popular this days. The Infamous: second son should just be that and no matter how innocent you try and make it, the real Son to be praised deserves way more respect that to have such a term used lightly on a video game character.


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