How video games and media are destroying our morals.


“The Last of Us”was given the most votes as one of the best video games of 2013. It was considered one of the best action games produced. The beginning of the game still is talked about over and over again as one of the most shocking and emotional moments I all of video games. But DLC moments evolving a mere “13 year child”, not a woman( not to say that’s ok either), kissing on another little girl has me scratching my head wondering where we went wrong as a society. Now a days we have 3,5,13 year old girls who have been allowed to watch things to encourages them to putting on tight fitting closes and tworking in front of a mirror while being recorded by their own parents is somehow cute. It’s not, it disgusting, and then we want to scream at adults for touching and influences our kids to take part in sexual acts. As parents and adults in this generation we have fallen so far from our morals that I am really scared for my son to grow up in a world like this. All these acts prior are results of desensitizing morals thanks to things like the DLC last of us,movies, tv shows, and music. Even games like Infamous Second Son prides themselves on the ability to allow you to be evil if you want. What happen to good guys wins and morals? Why would one want to pretend to kill innocent women, men and children? Then you wonder why that little boy showed no remorse in shooting up a school full of toddlers. Its because he has been desensitized to violence. As a Christian that has faith in the bible I wonder further how much more before our country looks like Sodom and Gomorrah. As a adult you know right from wrong but our children are not adults nor should they be treated as such. If Christ himself, as a creator of the universe,still had to submit to his earthly parents and obey them, our children should still be led correctly and away from actions that only adults should decide for themselves on. Maybe then can we stop being surprised that the man and woman walking down to announce their wedding vows are virgins still or how they didn’t end up with two or more children out of wedlock by now. Faithfully one day we will once again stand on morals, use sex/marriage for what it was designed for naturally and reverse this downward pattern of evil being somehow cool.


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