The most important possession I own.


    Thank you Jehovah Yahweh for your son and yours and his literal written existence, the bible. I would like to express my overwhelming love I have for God’s word. And having the ESV Study Bible in my life now has brought great joy to mine and my wife life. As I have said before I am a literal person in mind and heart and having translation of the bible reflects that like it did with my previous walk with understanding the Jehovah witnesses.  Everybody is differently made up and wired  uniquely so my way may not fit you or how I relate to things may not be the way you relate to them. Word for word translation have always been my preferred way to read the Bible and study. So if the bible is silent on something I am silent on it. So bible translations that are wrote not with the original manuscript and done by rewriting scripture meanings in English is a problem for me. Example…. the message bible is not a word for word translation . The amplified version of the bible isn’t a word for word translation either. So using those are not how I’m built. You may be different and that is fine. It just doesn’t work into my make up. So through the years I have relied on the NASB.  At the time when I first got it it was hands down the best word for word to English translation the world had ever seen. But even it still had flow issues with the sentence structures that most thought could not be helped. At least until the EsV came out.

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…. It’s translation and study notes are the most rich, detailed, and complete formation of scripture accuracy,read structure and unified doctoral work placed inside one bible the world has seen. There is nothing I own that is more important than this book. Its the word of God with factual information,  diagrams, studies, and maps that lead the readers for the first time into a complete layout of our relationship with yahweh and His son, the understanding of different views and schools of thought unbiased, and reference points that all add up to a small seminary school inside one book. I can’t put into words or express just how excited I am for this purchase. Ministers out there could grab this bible alone and have more than enough material to do almost whatever they needed to complete their sermons or lessons. No more picking up that book here and that book there. No more searching forums or sites for information. If you need it and if its a issue its in here. There is even another one bigger than what I have that holds even more information than I have. Probably going to pick that one up as well for the home bible for the living room area of the house. So if you are looking for a deeper understanding of God and his Word and are looking for the amazing study bible to end all study bibles, look no further. They come in all types of styles. Some leather like mine, some black leather, some mixed toned, and some paper back. And I believe they start off at 29.99 and go all the way up to about $250 or more depending on type of leather and style. Personally I would go with mine. Its a personal edition that was $55 on sale regularly $65. And that way you can remain portable and it will last forever. I even plan on given this to my child when he becomes close to that 20 year old mark. Anyway…thanks for reading.


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