Does God require theology, or does man?


This is going to be a touchy subject. But I ask the question, does God need or require theology? You must first start with the basic question… what is theology?Simply put, theology is when we as men seek to construct a coherent system of definitions about God. The same God that we confess to be so complicated and so much more than we can comprehend; with even scriptures themselves from our God telling us that his ways and thoughts aren’t our ways and thoughts. Now stop and think about it. We have developed a mode of operation that is set on understanding the very being we already confess who’s make up is impossible to understand. How is this even possible to do? One fact remains, even if most out there want to believe it or not. ANYONE can imply things about the scriptures if they want to believe something exist in them. That is the fundamental flaw with implying things. If I want to believe in a thought or a way of life in the bible I can imply things all day long but it doesn’t mean that the word of God says it. This is way I ask the need for implications in the bible and our relationship with God. Why do we have to be labeled trinity, oneness, Jehovah witness and so on? All of these schools of thought do the very same thing. They try and figure out the make up of God( how he looks or how he is made)and claim that if you don’t believe our expression of what we think he is made like then you can’t be saved. Where is That is Yahweh’s Word? It’s not! The bible doesn’t require membership role calls for entry into his kingdom. The word doesn’t require one to say…”I am a trinity believer”, “I am a oneness believer” , “I am a Jehovah witness” in order to gain access to salvation. How can these denominations and theology requirements overrule Gods words? Without implying things why can’t one simple just live by the words of the Bible. Even in different translations.. the words…”you have to be trinity or so forth” , “you have to know how I’m made up” , or “you have to be a member on the role of this church ” is not in any bible. An example of what we do and how things developed into the mess that its in now would be like you finding a scripture that says word for word “GOD LIKE CARS”. We then instead of just accepting that God likes cars create a school of thought, doctrine , theology belief, or denomination about how God hates motorcycles, or bikes , or wagons because he says he like cars. Then we have to define which car brand he had to be talking about, which color, how many doors, how fast ,and which side he must have been driving on, right side or left. I could break this down even more but bottom line is that all of this is not needed and it is from all this that theologies and denominations are fueled and could be removed if we just simple allow scripture to be and say what it says. If God wanted you to know or care about what kind of car, which side, or color he would says or add the terms in the same sentence or at least in the same context that the original statement was given. If not leave it as simply GOD LOVES CARS people. Christ is called “God” in the bible him God. Christ says his Father is greater than he is ..then his father is greater, Christ says his Father is his God …then his Father is his God, and Christ says he was with the father in the beginning…then he was with him in the beginning. Why does this require one to label things as a denominational thought, theology or anything else. Just repeat what the word says and believe and do what the word says. There is no other requirement God will hold any of us too. God is not going to require you understand how he is ,what he is ,nor how things work with his make up or his Son’s for salvation because you weren’t there in the beginning and can’t see the Father. If this was the case nobody on earth would ever get salvation because nobody on the planet existing now, have existed, or will ever exist truly knows nor have truly seen God but the Son. How do I know this? Because the bible tells me. Man’s thirst to define and know something they can’t comprehend is the source of all division in the churches, until we accept that this as futile and to take the word for what it is “ALL WE NEED TO KNOW FOR SALVATION” then we will forever continue this circle of fighting and divisions upon ourselves. And I for one am tired of it.


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