The last stand.


What I have to believe and change to be a JW

1. Jehovah is the only real name of God when I know that it isn’t.
2. Jesus is not God even though the bible clearly calls him this.
3. God didn’t tell me about my wife because he doesn’t speak to us inside our spirit like that when we know that he did.
4. My speaking in tongues is of satan, when you know that it isn’t.
5. God doesn’t speak to us through his spirit only through bible scripture memories and action of others in the church.
6. Christ didn’t physically raise from the dead when Christ showed that he was physical and denied that he was a spirit in scripture.
7. You have to believe that you won’t see God or be with Jesus on earth.
8. That the holy city isn’t real that Revelations talks about.
9. That Jehovah witness today are the only ones known as the new spiritual israel and are apart of the people talked about in the last days as the 144,000.
10. Have to believe in limiting my time with my child for unnecessary time such as fun time if they are a JW and choose to go to another church or do any thing on a regular bases as a sin.
11. Have to believe that if I am dying or my child is dying that the organization can disfellowship my me if I authorize the use of blood to save him or me.
12. Have to believe that God isn’t in control and that he doesn’t know all things even though the bible gives reference to it.
13. Have to believe that Michael is jesus without one scripture that says it.
14. Have to believe that celebration of birthdays and Christmas is wrong and apart of sin rituals of the pagans without any scripture that says it.
15. The cross was not used in killing Christ. Only a stake… Stake only describes the wood that was used as the instrument of death not the how it was shaped or put together.
16. Don’t believe in fighting wars or killing someone to protect oneself or country but yet the Old Testament is full of people under commandment by God to kill even the members of their own family. So fighting is apart of God “at times” and those that refuse to would still be judged by God as Israel was when they made peace with country God told them kill.
17. Says I can’t participate can’t take and eat or take and drink in the supper unless I’m of the 144,000 even though Christ presented this for all.

*****Things you don’t agree with in most churches today. *****
1. Trinity( equal power , authority of christ and his father)
2. Christmas tree and Easter celebrated.
3. Money hungry.

Bottom line there are far more things I have problems when looking into being a Jehovah witness than I do with any church I have gone to or seen. So with that I conclude today that I can see no further consideration of being a Jehovah Witness. The people are great just like the Mormons but again there is to many issues with the way I feel and my experiences that teach completely different experiences with God vs what they say is their experience beliefs teaching about God. And now that I understand more about what they believe and why they believe it I can clearly say I am not one of them and don’t see myself being one at this time. If I could bottle up my friends like perry, Stuart , and Rudy I would. They have truly been great and loving. But sometimes things just don’t fit and this is one of those times. I’m sure it will be hard for them to except this but its not them or personal. There is just too many issues and concepts that are opposite of what I see in the bible and how I’m built.


One thought on “The last stand.

  1. I truly have prayed for you in your journey to gain knowledge and make a conscious effort to logically learn and make decisions about the Christian faith and am joyful in your research and final decision. I truly believe that as Christians, our job is to show the world that we are not “blindly following what someone;else has told or is telling us” but are living breathing humans who are able to live with ourselves and reconcile our actions and decisions in God’s word, understanding that grace is the key to gaining salvation. Your journey in itself is a testimony to this. Great Job!

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