The counsel of great bible thinkers?


The church and all of its members of thought. Great men of valor and honest hearted. If you ask most serious members of churches what their goal is they all say to serve God. An even smaller number if the same elect will actually do this as long as it doesn’t go against traditional values or mind of thought taught. And en even smaller percent will do this regardless of anyone else or anything else that stands on the opposite side. This is where I would want to be. I don’t care about traditions, men, or ways of leaders or organizations. It’s about YHWH. One thing all this time with the jehovah witness have taught me is that no concept , trinity, oneness, and or Jehovah witnesses have all the answers. And yet all of them will put down the others as false, as if they have the answers to it all and they all don’t. None of them can answer all issues or questions about YHWH. And all share one concept together though. They all say the same statement…”we are the right way and all other are false”.

Trinity , even though the concept or thought wasn’t even known or thought about during the writing of the bible somehow became something that was fact. Fact that Jesus, Jehovah, and the Holy Spirit are three different persons but share the existence of being One God and all are equal in power, authority ,and knowledge. Obviously there are tones of scripture that go against this concept and yet you can find some that support it , even some that were added to support it (1john 5:7). So you find or can find support for it regardless if you agree with it. Personally for me I see Jesus power comes from his Father, not of his own, Jesus confesses that the Father is greater , Jesus even confesses that his Father knows the end time day and not even he knows this so he is limited to what he can see in the future as well and the most important if Jesus being God says to his Father and others that his God and ours is his Father how on earth can he be God then. He can’t. Yes he is called God because he is the very image of his Father in action, deed, or word but this doesn’t stand as he is truly God almighty if he has a separate will, weaker, and submissive to his Father who he has on more then occasion classified as Our Only God and his even as the risen Christ with all power and authority. And then you have 1Corinthians 15 clearly showing that the son only reigns temporarily and the bible clearly again separating him from God and the Father all while given us confirmation that He, God …is one thing that was not put under the Christ feet and it was the power and actions of God who is identified as The Father, that was placing things under his sons feet and once again showing who had more authority and power. Christ is very clear that our Only God and his is who knows as the Father. You never hear Christ refer to the Holy Spirit person as His God. Whenever Christ mentions his God and the Only God he clearly shows and proves in the verse that he is referring to his Father and not one of the person’s of trinity or even a part of God but always His God or the Only True God as a total person being his Father. The funniest thing about the doctrine of the trinity is that they know that the concept that they believe in doesn’t even make since to them. And yet somehow they think this somehow proves its right and ok for this not to make since.

Then we have oneness, which is very good and close but yet still lacking, at least to me. They remove the trinity and stick to the one God literally. They see verses in the bible that clearly state that God is One, that God is alone, by himself, none like him, no other gods, no God allowed to exist next to him or be formed by him, will not share his glory with another, and Isaiah 9:6 clearly ID’s Christ name to be called God, even Father. Yet who died on the cross? Who could Christ give his spirit over too? How many wills did Christ have, and once God essence left that body (which he did, oneness try and say he only didn’t block Christ pain on the cross. That’s not accurate at all forsake means to leave and that is what happen. God could not dwell in that cursed body while the sins of the world was place on it. Pain they referred to was being put on Christ long before he cried out why have thou forsaken me. Why didn’t he say that when his skin was being ripped off his back. So no pain was not the forsaking Christ was saying. It was the very leaving of God from His sons body that finally allowed that body to die yet that body and person was still conscious and fully alive so if that is the case who was that person without God in him? He was who he always was…the son of God not God himself. And again he still calls his Father His And our ONLY God both while on earth and in heaven.

And last we have the Jehovah witness who I believe are the only ones that have nailed how and what the relationship with Christ and Jehovah is the best (not perfectly but at least very close). Christ is called god by them because he is not God almighty but called I believe is still called God because he is the image of his Father and he has power of authority given to him by his Father to reign as king and God for a little while until all enemies are place under his feet as 1 Cor ch15 says. They also point out that all glory is given to the Father even the glory Christ receives because Jehovah sent him. They also point out that Christ died on a stake and yet we know God can’t die. So that concept alone would put them as separate beings. Yet with them they believe in implying almost everything to support other watchtown beliefs. They refused to believe in a All knowing God, they have actions such as passing of the bread and wine which hold no biblical example or approval to do yet still do based in implying things. They push aside verses in the bible such as Samuel being raised and Christ talking about hell and or Tartarus which is a holding cell for the fallen ones as merely false and means something different even though it says these thing word for word. But yet they still swear to Michael being Christ without one single verse that says it and verses in he Old Testament confirming that there are many archangels(arch meaning chief sons of God were angles) not just one when they quote the bible saying Christ will use the voice of an archangel.

I could go on and on about more for all of them but my point is that everyone of their beliefs can be found or forced into the bible. Maybe the key is all of them getting together and returning under one people and goal. Maybe then we may be closer to that unified church(group of people)Christ is coming back for.


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