Define the word “imply”.

Strongly suggest the truth or existence of (something not expressly stated):

     This is the main theme over and over again it seems with my walk with Jehovah witnesses studies. Its becoming a everyday thing more and more it seems. I personally hate the word or action… imply. I can’t think of a more backward concept or action to associate the Bible with. Mostly because it is through that same concept that many false religions are born. It is the source of man’s first sin and the gateway to Satan’s lies and deceptions. Eve implied that God demanded them not to even touch the tree and no record shows that this was ever mentioned by God. So again I stay away from implying things and stick to what was said. And based on written word alone we see that eve lied and or added her own spin on the commandments of God and we all know how that ended up. Jw do a lot of this. From not partaking of the bread and wine without scripture telling us to, implying that somehow that the 144,000 Jews aren’t Jew males from the twelve tribes of Judah even though the Bible says they are flat out word for word, then the implying of Michael being Christ without one single scripture calling Christ such, then to the implied reason that somehow that Hell or the concept of holding areas of the spirit world aren’t real even though both Christ and his disciples spoke of them, then john 1:1 isn’t suppose to mean God or god even though it says Christ is called God in Isaiah 9:6 and by Thomas, then unto the prophecy in Zachariah about Jerusalem to not be talking to the Jewish people and their city but to JW only and relating the cities fall and their raped women to when their leaders going in prison and members started to leave because the false prophecies were put in light after the year 1914 ended and nobody was raptured up nor did Christ come down on the clouds as clear as lighting stretching from the east to west. And so many others. Don’t get wrong I really like them and believe maybe 60-65% of the things they have shown me. But I’m not one of those “get in line and follow blindly” guys.  I’m not one that looks at their watchtower mag as gospel. There is one gospel and if its supports something different than the watchtower then the magazine is wrong not the bible verse. I put no trust in man. Even my friends and study buddies, as good hearted as they are, still prove to be at times just like anyone else out there when you bring things to light that challenge their belief systems, they lash out ever so briefly to show a glimpse of who the true person under the shield of the Jw organizations is. Nobody, including myself is more than a man or woman. We all have our faults including them but in some cases I wish those moments were saved for things personally about them instead of lashing out and taking things personally because it threatens their belief system but my family loves them none the less. I can ,however, say I think I still have a long way to go before I can believe and or teach others ALL the things JW believe in. They claim I will get things in the end of the studies but I finished the books that is suppose to teach me these things even read reasoning from the scripture and I still don’t see any real statements in the Bible that prove their implied way of interpretations over flat out word for word things the bible mentions. 


An implied concern is that somehow Christ return happen in 1914 invisibly. This thought is needed to stand on their 1914 failed prediction to be a merely “off slightly” prediction. Its also the key to the whole heavenly hope vs earthly hope and their selections into the 144,000. If Christ didn’t come back in 1914 then his rule on the thrown didn’t start in 1914 either nor did the selection of the 144,000 start when they said . And then also Satan didn’t get kicked out of heaven in 1914 after still living their with all the other demons even after all they have been apart of. They ignore flat out scripture that clearly say over and over again that “EVERY eye shall see him”, ALL the tribes of the world shall see him and even Christ himself in Mat. 24:15-44 clearly telling us to watch out for those that say he had returned because there people will worry that somehow they missed it and he response by saying when he does it will be as evident as lighting from the east and west. They claim because he said he would return ON a cloud that this clearly shows they he will be unseen because Jehovah said in the old testament that he would come to moses IN a DARK CLOUD. So somehow even though they aren’t the same person nor talking about the same event and even more importantly not even talking about the same way or matter (one coming “inside” a “dark” cloud and one coming on a cloud period) that this means the events will be exactly alike. The words “dark” and “inside” show hidden attributes about Jehovah’s statement but “ON” a cloud or with them giving no reference to the attribute “dark” which means just a regular cloud and on it means it will be visible therefore confirming and backing up the other scriptures that clearly say the whole world will see him even “those who pierced him” also proving that it won’t be just the people of God that can see him… it will be all the world even those against him. They also try and use the moment Christ left the disciples and said to them that the world would behold him no more as proof that he will come back invisible. The action of leaving at that time was the only time frame Christ was talking about. You can’t use a statement like this and paste it in any subject you like. If he was talking about the end times then yes but nowhere in that paragraph was Christ referring to his return in the end times nor was that subject discussed. He only meant to put light on the fact that he was going away and his active work such as it was would no long be like it once was where multitudes of people could come to him in the streets and be with him or ask him things. And the act of beholding in this verse shows a state of containment like once beholds a captured or contained insect in a jar. Christ statement only concerns the state of which he had be held in for the last 30+ years verse the act of leaving and returning back to his real home. Again I say to all not just Jehovah witnesses, that if the word and subject clearly gives you a statement …to imply something different you must have a equally matching subject and statement. Example if Christ said he loved apples above all fruit on earth. You can’t say he meant he loved fish in placement of the term apple unless you can find a scripture that says the statement “he loved FISH above all fruit” being used in the same content it was given on the previous verse. And that is where Jehovah witness fail in my opinion. They base a great deal of their beliefs on implying things against things that are flat out said in the bible. They can’t find me a scripture that flat out says Christ is Michael(but you can find multiple that says he is GOD), they can’t find a scripture that flat out says that the 144,000 aren’t Jew virgin males, they can’t find a scriptures that flat out says GOD will not be on earth with his people, they can’t find a verse that declares that Christ will stay in heaven forever only that he will rule their for a 1000 years with the 144,000. It doesn’t say forever but it does say that after all is done that the son will be the light for the new city on earth and the thrown will be among them in that city therefore placing him in that very city, they can’t find scripture that gives a example or OK’s the passing away of the bread and wine away from yourself and denying the very commandment he gave to his people to eat and drink( one of the most scariest), they cant find a scripture that says no to celebrate birthdays and holidays and they put off scriptures from Paul that says don’t judge one for celebrating days or yearly feast as long as they do it through Christ, they can’t find one scripture in the Bible that calls Christ “a god” when looking upon the translation that can mean either god or God to support that translation, they say that God doesn’t speak to people in dreams and through their spirit yet scripture even says during the end times people will see vision and dream dreams through his holy spirit and I have had multiple occasion of this. They claim he stopped that when the Bible was completed because it was perfect . OK which one? Our Bible is put together by a gathering of different letters found all over the world. That which is perfect isn’t the bible because it says when that which is perfect “has come”. This shows it was not here not that it was and or was needed to be put together by men. The same men that originally didn’t even include books like hebrews and others in the bible originally. And even the disciples confessed that there were other things done that was not put down so that which is perfect couldn’t have been the Bible. There is only one person or thing that was… Christ himself and when he does truly come back we will all see him and know finally all that has been a secret and all that we have not understood and he and his Father will dwell among us here on earth in the New Jerusalem and we will see him then and he himself will wipe our tears from our faces as the Bible says. I choose to let the scripture tell me what to believe not to result in implying things against what is clearly written. And I may not understand it all and may be wrong in something but if I am wrong I chose to be wrong with the things clearly written and not with things that have to be implied. This I believe is my final road of hills and valleys for a while. My next step will humbly be to always look to Christ my Savior and Lord, do what I know is right with others, obey what is clearly said and help those less fortunate than I. If he finds fault in such actions let it be so then from him and not from man, a church or an organization implied thoughts or traditions. “IS IT NOT CHRIST THAT DECIDES IN THE END?”.


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