They all say they are led by the Holy Spirit!


It never fails. Every year I see so many people professing to be led by the holy spirit and claiming to be apart of a church that is being led by God. They claim to hear from him daily. They claim to be able to see visions and even having the ability to prophesy. They hear from God and correct others for not obeying his word. But yet on this day they fall in line with the world and support of the false worship of Easter. Something so easy to identify as a clear outright pagan ritual who’s beginnings have absolutely nothing to do with Christ. They even go as far as having easter eggs passed out at the church itself or hold easter egg hunts. Sickening display of blasphemy! It burns me up to even think about it. Its real funny that somehow God never mentions this to them while he is given them prophecy about everyone else’s life. You would think if they were actually hearing from God that he would at least tell them that in the midst of the other information he was given them about the other wrong doings of others. But hey I shouldn’t be so upset at this as this was one of the first tell tell signs that lead me away from these churches into the studies of the Jehovah witnesses. And even though I still have a lot of unanswered issues with them they at least have this down. Now granted there are a handful of other denominations out there that don’t get involved in easter worship but they are so few in numbers compared to the ones that do but kudos to them anyway. I just hope one day those that claim to hear from God will actually finally hear him when he screams about this.


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