Some things that I feel will always keep me from being a baptized Jehovah witness.

1. They refuses to see God ultimately for what he is. Almighty. He is in control ultimately. What is control?Control in it’s simplest form is the ability to change, stop, created or destroy without any one or anything having the ability to stop you if you choose to do it. This is God. He has allowed all that we see to exist and be whatever it is that it is for his own purpose and reason. This includes Satan and all that we declare as wrong or evil because God could stop all this if he wanted to but he doesn’t. Satan is called the “god”of this world not because he has the authority of God on earth nor even the power of God and most importantly not because he took it from him. He is the god of the system of things because he influences the hearts and minds of those on this planet to do and believe things that causing them to stand against the permissive will of Jehovah. If Satan was truly a God don’t you think he would destroy every one of us? He would but he can’t , why? Look at Job as the perfect example of what truly exist. Everything Satan wanted to do he had to get the power to do so or authority to do it from God. No matter what you think and or how you feel as God the creator of everything seen and unseen he is the author and definer of what is good and evil . In fact the only way we know what is good or evil comes down to the clear truth that anything can be labeled as good or bad. The determining fact is if God is in it or approves it or not. If not its evil no matter what it is. Example sex between a man and women not married equals sin. Same sex between same two people the exact same way but now they are married equals…Just. You see, the act isn’t perfectly defined as a sin by itself. It’s the act without God in it that makes it a sin in most cases. So JW refused to look at the matter in this light even though it’s the truth because it forces them to see that along with our Loving God comes a Punishing One as well that will punish and hurt those who he see’s right to do so. This is why they don’t really believe that there could be a Hell. They think that a loving God would not torture people. Well just ask all 10 children of Job about that their view on the subject . Most of us would die if only One of children died. What if 10 of them died because of a bet between Satan and God? Does this fit you standards as a Loving God? NO it doesn’t. But again mine and your thoughts about just and right and loving are not defined by us but by God himself. Therefore his actions no matter what they are=just and righteous. Its his purpose and his right to do whatever he deems that needs to be done and NOBODY can say or do anything about. Just ask Job what happen when he tried to question God to why God gave his life over to Satan Job chapter 38.( this shows also what Satan would do to us all if God lets him to so just think about that before we go putting everything in his Control of this world). God put him in his place quickly and fearfully. God explained to him that no one can question whatever he decides to do even if its his will to do it to someone, in our eyes, that didn’t deserve it. This is what being Almighty really means without the fluff. God alone ultimately is in control of all things( *remember what control really is *) and make the rules. Its just truth people. You might not like how its being said but it’s the truth. Can you say you could question God like Job did? If so I hope he has mercy on you. He already had to straighten out one human for do so. So bottom line Just because you have your own version of God doesn’t give you the right to determine something as nonexistent because it goes against your version if it’s written. I find it very hard to believe that Jesus would give parables about a place that didn’t exist nor would revelation say and contain the word “Tormented day and night forever”( Rev. 20:10)if the person or thing is just merely dead and feeling nothing. Nor the use terms like “Tartarus” comparing it the destroyed world of the half breads and angels when angels pregnanted women before the flood.  The same word, which was well known in those days as a Greek mythology place of holdings for Half breads(man and gods, man and angels mixed)was used so if the writer truly didn’t believe that a person would have some kind of existence after death then why use it in comparison?

2. My stance that scripture trumps assumptions and our beliefs. I believe the words of Christ over anything and anyone. John 6-44 and john 6-65 both give undeniable proof that man again has no real say so in thing. Christ states to his people referring to others who could not understand who he was nor accept what he was saying as this.

No man can come to me unless the Father, who sent me, draws him; and I will resurrect him in the last day.”

“So he went on to say: “This is why I have said to YOU, No one can come to me unless it is granted him by the Father.”

The word in bold means a few people, some, only people born then? No! Means No Man or person can see that Christ as their lord and Savior but those who the father first must put it on their hearts to receive
It in the first place. That’s means boys and girls that again we find scripture that shows you again that it is God who really calls you and unless he does you have no will or ability to seek out the true salvation. JW’s hate this because it gives them the truth that has been stated plenty of times in the bible that God already know who will be saved and who will not and it is those who he picks that will ultimately end up right where he sees fit even if that place is Hell or grave as the JW’s call it. There statements about this verse and others is to appeal to logic instead of looking at the word only. Saying things like” why would a loving God do this”? Logic can’t be relied upon to dismiss the word of God. It can be used with other scriptures to counter translations but this is not a translation issue. This is a fact and the only problem comes up when you can’t accept that you aren’t in control of anything in the end of the day. We can’t even control what happens in our own bodies much less spiritual powers and authority.

3.   144,000 counting,when it started, and who they are.

*And reign as “Kings and priest” is a male position not a woman position. If the first group of converts in acts are all apart of this then the bible would ‘ve declaring woman to reign as kings. But the fact that virginity was required and it only mentioned those not defiled by a woman and not men further proves these people as all men. And we all know there were women there in acts. Which would make this verse wrong. A women can no more of a king than a man can be a mother. So the fact that the verse shows without a doubt that the these were males and virgins excludes the 144,000 being merely the first group of converts to the church. And it give more proof that the first fruits are merely talking about first group of Jewish males that are sowed back into tree that convert to Christ as their savior at the time before the tribulation from all the tribes

*As far as “Priests” go they are only Male as God has declared it from ancient times with levi’s sons.

And finally God ordains the order of leadership in heaven and earth as Jehovah, then Christ,  then man, and then women. This is why there are no woman angels or feminine named angels in the bible. Nothing points to a rule of a woman ordained by God in heaven or on earth. And finally Paul’s decree given to him by the Holy spirit is that women can hold no rule over man or usurp authority over them. Not even Christ mother vessel Mary is ever mentioned as given any point of leadership or position in heaven. In fact she wasn’t even seen there or mentioned there. And of all the women on earth that should have been the one woman that was given a kind of a rulership role in heaven her name wasn’t even mentioneId nor any reference to her at all. In fact Christ called her” Woman” before he died denouncing her as his parent any longer and returning her back to her role as a mere human woman.

4. Michael is not Jesus. 

There is no biblical scripture in the whole bible that says this. And to imply it as part of a doctrine belief without this information being said is flat out wrong.  In fact the put all their beliefs on this because Christ is mentioned to use the voice of the archangel when he returns. But what they don’t say is that he also had the trumpet of God. So he used element and associated things of two types of beings. So this proves he is Michael with the voice but not God with the trumpet. This would hold a little weight if it weren’t for the scripture below.

Daniel 10:13
“But the prince of the royal realm of Persia
was standing in opposition to me for twenty-one days, and, look! Mi′cha·el, one of the foremost princes,came to help me; and I, for my part, remained there beside the kings of Persia”

Foremost is used by the JW and the word that was originally there is the word was chief prince. .chief prince translates to arch angel. So the problem is that there are many arch angels. Not just one. So one can’t ID Christ as michael simply because he used a trait associated with arch ANGELS. And then the real problems happen in Revelation when it describes the war that broke out in heaven upon what the JW says Christ first act when he returned to heaven. They say Christ took on Satan with his angles (Rev. ch 12). Notice though that Michael and Christ was mentioned throughout this whole chapter separately in the same vision john was witnessing. Don’t you think that by now that john know what Christ looks like. Why and how would he confuse them if they were the same person? And why would he have to keep changing the person’s name back and forth during the same story? Because they aren’t the same person


4 thoughts on “Some things that I feel will always keep me from being a baptized Jehovah witness.

  1. As someone who was a JW for the past 20 years & Disassociated myself 3 months ago not because I was wronged in any way but for some of the doctrinal reasons you’ve mentioned plus others & I can also state that the problems go way beyond error in doctrine. As you’ve mentioned in a few other posts they hold to high moral standards as well as rejecting traditions that violate scriptural principles which is admirable. In general the average JWs are decent sincere people but sincerity doesn’t make their religion the only true Christian religion or the “Truth” as they refer to it. The major problems lie with the leadership from the Governing Body & the flow down to the local congregation elders. There’s a lot you don’t find out about until after baptism, often many years after baptism. I am still discovering stuff about their history, false doctrines etc that I didn’t know even after being baptized for 20 years. For the Governing Body it’s all about control. Doctrines are expected to be believed unquestionably then instantly abandoned & a new replacement unquestionable belief accepted without question when there’s an update of so called New Light. To question things is to become viewed with suspicion of harbouring apostate thinking. The B.I.T.E. model for cults identification applies to them 100%. Are they a cult? I’m not sure if I would go that far but they are definitely cult like in their operation & application of Watchtower policies. The only thing I would say to anyone getting involved with them is DON”T. My blog is a webcomic site but I have also added a few posts titled Leaving the Watchtower parts 1, 2 & 3 if you’re interested in having a look at them.

    1. I have already looked up and study the holes in the faith. The point missed is that the problems you have with weight very little to the history of other denominations as far as sinful acts, brain washing (as I mentioned people were burned to death until they confessed and accepted the trinity). To me this pals in comparison to having a ruling body because the disciples were a ruling body. Nothing you have gone through has the past of killing, rapping, homosexuality and the like with the so called “Chris-a-dim” moment that most all other churches are founded off the backs of. It seems to me that the denomination didn’t fit you and you simply wanted out. Where as my article expressed the Concept of weight. Weighing one group with another to see why they are hated and if it was just. Nothing more.

      1. I’m not defending any other churches either. It’s not that they didn’t fit me it’s the deceit, control, guilt trips & oppression that causes so many JW depression & other problems. I’ve seen it for myself. The whole 2 class tier system of Christians, the so called anointed & non anointed. the denial that Jesus is the mediator of the non-anointed. Did you know they teach that? I didn’t until a few months ago, my wife didn’t know they taught that either. neither did 2 elders I spoke to. And that’s the thing with them it’s all or nothing. Disagree with the doctrines & you’re labeled an apostate & your up before a judicial commitee & most likely a candidate for disfellowshipping. Add to that the strict shunning that destroys family relationships & has on many occasions driven people, especially teens who’ve been shunned by their own families to suicide. Such stories are common place on the internet. The lovingness of Jehovah’s Witnesses, it’s all a front for the high control Orwellian world of the WT society & their GB. Think I’m exaggerating?.So many who leave like myself are long term members that have taken many years to finally see it for what it really is. Search around the ex-JW sites & you’ll see the experiences of not disgusting hateful apostates as the WT loves to label them but the experiences of genuine people who have their real life stories to tell. is a good place to start.

      2. Again Tony, you view is that you feel that they try and control people. My article is showing that ALL do the same thing but unlike others Jehovah’s witnesses live a holy life and hold themselves accountable and stand firm on their belief. Do you know how many suicides they are daily…Trust and believes they aren’t all from the Jehovah’s witnesses and would bet very few of them are from them at all when compared to other dominations. Your statement show a need to prove why you aren’t a Jehovah witnesses. This is your choice. But your reasons again pal in comparison with the amount of injustice in all other denominations that people never speak out against. All you are doing is proving my point because once again your focus is the JW but you have yet brought up all the other attacks , false worship, sin , killing , and brainwashing that are 10x worse. This was my point all along. JW unfairly attacked while other denominations actions are excused or ignored.

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