It’s time for my dear dairy again


Lets catch up shall we. Well as it seems the theme for me I have experience ups and downs on this walk in learning about Jehovah witnesses. I have so many things I have learned and been encouraged about from them. Yet some nights I find myself fighting against their statements and considerations. I fight about them saying that Michael was Christ. I fight about me changing scriptures seemly because translation in a lot of cases have been wrong but yet I feel like they aren’t all wrong. Maybe 7 out 10 times I have been clearly shown and the other 3 times it seems like its only implying things. Books like Titus and verses like John 1:1 give clear statements that Christ is called on as God not god. And through the evidence in scriptures and in Christ own words he isn’t truly the almighty God the Father but sits on his throne as such only until the conclusion of things. But yet I somehow their translations of verses in Titus and John change the very statements used in Titus and John 1:1 that traditional bible have to either remove the statement that he was called God and or makes his out to be ” a god”. Every place “god” is used its always used on something that wasn’t a god really but was merely falsely called one, AE false god and enemy of Jehovah. So to say John 1:1 says the word was a god means to say that “the word was a false god” in my eyes. There isn’t anywhere else in the bible that Christ is ever called “god” only “God” example Isaiah 9:6 and Thomas also called him God of Me and Lord of Me. Even his Old Testament name Immanuel TRUE translation is ..”for us he is God”. So with the missing definite article in this verse allowing for both use of the term “God”and the term “god” it only seems logically that God would be used over the term god to remain consistent with the bible view of Christ. I take that to mean that he is our God because he is the source of me and all things created. Jehovah told Christ to create all things and the bible says that it was “for” Christ that this order was given and that nothing else was ever created by Jehovah God directly but Christ. So that means Christ created angles, created earth, the universe, the sun, was the one that breathed life into Adam, was that created Adam and Eve, etc. I don’t know if you get that picture in your mind but this would make him God to us even if he himself was not the almighty God himself that created him, hence the name Immanuel, meaning “for us he is God”. So things like this still exist for me and my instructors say that the proof I need will be revealed the further we go so I will again keep a open mind because I have enjoyed all the time in the Kingdom Hall and bible time attention to my needs and questions that the Jehovah witnesses have provided up to this point. I have said this before and will say it again. I have never had a group of individuals like the Jehovah witnesses that push to be so ready and willing to make every effort possible no matter what happens to make sure they are their for me. Every church I have been too says this to one another but never fulfill it because they have other things they do that come first. Or they are so tied down with themselves that at best they can make maybe 1-2 visits to your home but try meet you at your house every week after church even during storms for 3 months straight and see what happens. Especially if you aren’t a member yet or have question that challenge their belief systems or structures of their church. I guarantee you won’t see them for three months straight at your house unless you are physically unable to make it to church and even then it won’t be every week as a nonmember or person that has questions that seems to be a threat on their belief systems. You would luckily if you get them at your house one time as a nonmember.

****In fact I think I am going to try that experiment. I am going to call some local churches in my city and see if I can have a bible study with the pastors there at my house as a nonmember and see how fast they hang up the phone Or claim they don’t do this. I will post my progress when I start this experiment. This should be good:)


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