Now, onto what I have learned.


What I have learned :

1. Christ is the son of God and doesn’t think of himself as equal to the father and calls the father his God.

2. Chris to the first born of all creation and through him all things were created. Nothing but the son was created by the father directly.

3.You have no soul like man and fables concepts have forced their way inside the belief of the church. Souls are anything that contains breathe and life.

4. Your spirit is only your life energy or very breathe not a person inside you. Spirit is used by the bible in place of breathe when used to describe the spark or energy life present in the body. That same spark energy or breathe returns back under the control of the Father upon expiration of that life and is therefore controlled by the father to given back or never to be returned to a resurrection of that person life in the end. AE: into your hands (your control) I commend my spirit. Christ nor the bible mentioned ever that christ returned back to heaven when this took place in fact he didn’t go back until after his resurrection. So this alone shows you that his spirit being commended into the Fathers hands only meant that the Father was asked to govern or control it as always and would He would be the one that decided to put that life into the resurrected body of Christ to once again being life to Christ at his choosing.

5.Hell seems to be a figurative place that just means death or grave

6. When you die you are dead. Nothing else is left over to go any place . You return to the dust.

7. There are Kings with Christ. And not all people become them otherwise there is no need for kings if there is no body to rule over. And the kings are mentioned to be first fruits.

8. Christ did tell the Pharisees that the kingdom was taken from them and given to a new nation. A spiritual Israel or firstfruits. And the bible describes firstfruits as the first group of converts . But again doesn’t give a cut off point or date. (But then Paul goes on to say that Christ would give again the attachment of their branch back into the tree for the first fruits for the original Jews)


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