Do you really know what you say you believe in?


While sitting talking to a friend something came up that I knew but I didn’t know how far it reached until today. The trinity concept that really is doctrine but not explained in churches to the membership for one reason or another is even misunderstood by those that refuse it. Above is a clear outline of the trinity doctrine( this is one the oldest shields of the trinity). Now don’t freak out if you don’t recognize it as a explanation taught to you, most don’t. The reason why is because down through the years the concept of the trinity has became a source of attacks so much that even the original followers have tried to step away from it in their attempt to explain it to others so much that its become forgotten even to their own believers. Most people will tell you the example of water, ice, and steam. What they don’t explain is that those example show that one thing stopped being the other while becoming the next. This concept doesn’t fit the trinity and is false. Rather you know it or not the doctrine of the trinity says that there are three different people, each with their own wills and make up unique to them only and not the others and yet the three stand as one God. Three different people standing as one God is the base. Basically the father is not the son or Holy Spirit, son is not the Father or Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit isn’t the son or Father but somehow they create and stand as a God. This is the truth people. You may not be told this by the church you go to but this is the trinity. Look it up in the doctrine information on the trinity yourself. Right away I’m sure most of you can see that this concept isn’t at all what most of you see God as and or is taught to you in the church but I assure you this is the doctrine. And then the most important part of all of it is the fact that the doctrine says that neither one of them is more powerful than the other or over the other. And when you add up all this along with the bible’s statements about God and the sure fact that the concept of the trinity was even known or created until roughly 200-300 years after the bible was already completed something stands out. And then the clear fact that Christ on earth clearly said he was not equal to his father, his father knew more, and his father was greater than him and then in heaven as the risen Christ with all power being given to him by his Father still says that his Father is still His God proves that there is no way shape or form they are equal at all and the Father is clearly the most powerful and ultimate commander and chief then we have a serious problem with the doctrine and see that this is not a concept that can stand based on man’s made up doctrine called trinity. Anyway I hope this helps some out there. I’m a firm believer that you have the choice in the direction of your path in the end of the day. I just don’t think those choices should be based on false assumption of a concept that is leading you or you are believing in. In other words don’t look at the number 2 as the number 8 and then take a road for your life based on this. Know first that 2 isn’t 8 and if you still want to base your life on the number 2 then fine so long as you aren’t following the number 2 because someone told you it was really 8(hope you get that:))


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