Well more study time and more truth or should I say lies or mistakes in me and man as they will always be. With my on going study time with the Jehovah witnesses I have come across some other things that shocked me about my beliefs prior. They truly have a different view of the world and life as you know it and what the traditions of men have taught vs the bible teaching and how they have slowly inserted themselves into our lives. For starters why do all denominations say that Christ died on a cross when the Greek word used means “Stake”not cross and doesn’t even give any hit to it being more than one stake or that the stake was somehow crossed? Why not just say and have the word stake and leave how exactly it was up to God? What’s so special about it needing to be cross? And when you look up the cross it was never a Christian symbol in the first place but yet we go so far as to hang it over our beds, wear them, and bow to them. And not saying that either one of them will save one’s soul but why use this symbol especially if its not and never was designed to be a symbol of Christians?

And speaking of the word “soul”. I don’t know about you but I have always known without any scripture proof that man has a soul inside them just like you, right. And i was Wrong. A soul (nepes)is a word to describe a animal and or person a thing that breaths. It’s not some extra spiritual person or being inside you. This thought or concept came again from all our false traditions all the way down to the names of days through the week, the pagan and catholic denomination that mixed all things together to please or unify Rome. Proof of this can be found when even the standard bibles mistranslates the Hebrew Torah text in Gen 1:20 when it uses the word “creatures” in the verse instead of the true definition “soul”. That’s right I didn’t believe myself but you can see for yourself Here on one the most widely used Greek and Hebrew sites on the planet and its not even pro Jehovah witnesses. It’s really for main stream churches and trinity believers but even on this site they even show you the real defined word meaning “soul” when referred to animals. But yet somehow someone thought it would best to lie about the definition that doesn’t show anywhere inside the defined word even the hint that it should be creature. But yet its there instead of soul which is what was the real word used by the Hebrews for this verse. And we all know that animals don’t have souls. And again in gen 9:5 it defines souls as having blood related to them, and again in 1pet 3:20 “a few people, that is, eight souls” here referring to the people. So souls are used to describe literally anything that breaths and is living. Not a spiritual person inside you. But again I bet you nobody has ever showed you this unless you are a JW or spoke to a JW. So much false teaching through this world that it has attached itself to the one thing that its suppose to be separate from..the church. So I continue to study and seek but you know what is next if the soul isn’t a real person or spiritual being inside you. More to come.


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