A war broke out in heaven


Rev 12:7 
And war broke out in heaven: Michael
and his angels battled with the dragon and its angels.

    For years and years I have always loved and feared the very concept of this verse in the bible. The most perfect place in the universe and yet war still broke out there. So why do we really believe we as humans can create peace?  I had no idea that it would lead me to open more thoughts and consideration about being a JW. Now granted that many other feel or don’t feel the same way. And again all I am doing is seeking. I am in no way endorsing any denomination this early in my searches. But what I can tell you so far I have learned a lot of things my other churches or denominations didn’t teach or mislead me believe. I always felt that this whole chapter in the bible felt out of place in Revelations. Revelations is about the end or the revealing of the God and his reign as King and God of this world again. So I didn’t understand why it mentioned the birth of Christ and Mary all over again. Plus the things mentioned didn’t or should I say weren’t mention in any other books that talked about Christ birth. Then my JW ‘s friend pointed out to me that the witnesses say that this is not about past events prior to Christ but about event that took place after the ascension of Christ back to heaven. And being that a day in heaven or to God is a 1000 year’s basically you have two days or so after Christ returned to heaven to be seated down as” Acting”King and”Acting” God in his Fathers absent from the thrown, that a war broke out. A war that placed Christ kingdom in play and Satan was thrown down to earth forever locked out of heaven in which he and his angels had resided there until 1914 when all this took place. And the woman mention is Israel and the child represents Christ Kingship as Israel’s King. It took a while before I could even start to get my head around that but somehow I knew something always was strange about that chapter. Why would a book of prophetic future event put attention back on a pass event. And it wasn’t until I read a paper on the same theory or believe from even a Baptist preacher. In fact the idea that this happened prior to the garden I had once again came from traditions and taught so long that I never really stopped to find out why it never sat well with me.  I truly had decided that the war took place long before the garden and Satan was going back and forth to heaven when he felt like it. But this reason perfectly explains a lot of their beliefs and is something I will have to look further into but for right now I agree that this is a more plausible explanation for its location in Revelations. 


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