Sorry, nobody is on the line!


Just a quick little side note. A year ago I started going to the life church. I made it part of my family life and my life big time because I believed we cared more about helping people and following God than we did about commercialized worship and rituals. I spent time in the store we used to feed low income people. I took off work to volunteer in the church doing Manuel labor projects and ANYTHING that was needed for the pastor or any other person there for over a year. I paid my tithes faithful and then volunteered in the tv booth helping with camera angles and tv broadcasting. I met a lot of different people. The pastor seem to be real grateful for all I did until I questioned why we were putting up christmas lights and Santa Claus and his throne in the middle of the church and then why we were hosting a Easter egg hunt. I even suggested that we even try to substitute the eggs with maybe scrolls and scriptures that lead to a toy of you got the question write. And not only was my suggestion put down they started to avoid me and pass me off to others. Not one time did I aggressively, disrespectively or angrily speak to them or question them about these things. I only presented issues of such things in the bible and asked if these things should be done. Now fast forward to now. I haven’t been back to the church in over a month now. Not one phone call from all the people I have once helped and worked for free for. In fact it wasn’t until I sent one of them a recent text message letting them know that I wouldn’t be back anytime soon until I finish my journey that I even got one of them to say “let me know if you need anything”. This came from the only guy that truly in my opinion treats everyone the exact same and is why I even bothered telling him. No one even noticed I was gone but this guy but that may be because he is over scheduling and nothing more. I hope it’s more to it than that but all I can do is hope. Pastor hasn’t sent me a email, called me up, or even text me but yet with the Jehovah witnesses I got them following up and doubling up with communication with me. Even to go as far as to use Skype to have bible study because they were sick and didn’t want to pass germs. I bet they would know if I was out. But yet they are the evil ones and they don’t follow Christ, right? WRONG.


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