Life rope was thrown.



Well last night I was at my last stand,  or so I thought. As I wrote below I was still feeling out of place in the direction and talks with the Jehovah’s witnesses I was studying with, granted it hasn’t been a long time studying with Jehovah witnesses and probably owed them more time. I had just had too many issues with the 144,000 beliefs they currently have. At one hand I have the bloodline of the Jews that the bible says belong to 144,000 but yet Jehovah witnesses say it’s talking about them and the past saints and maybe a few elders of heavenly hope now and then you have the spiritual Jews most all churches preach now. So to be fair the jehovah’s witnesses aren’t the only group of believers that believe that the 144,000 aren’t real bloodline Jews or natural Jews the bible calls them. They believe that revelation chapter 7 refers to spiritual Jews. Them and Baptist or other churches currently in main stream believe that somehow even though it says Jews it doesn’t mean them and all the tribes are figurative. I have and still do believe that MAN has come up with this thought especially us in the united states that want so desperately to feel important in the plans of God. We as Men have taken something that obviously doesn’t concern the U.S and or blacks or whites and tried to make it fit us. I on the other hand see the message for what it is. Israel is the focus, always has and will forever be. Just like Romans chapter 11 explains. God will never forget about his people even if he allows others into the house or to be apart of the tree the root is still Israel and will forever be them because the promise was made to them.  So with that in mind I was reading revelation trying to understand my mentor’s thoughts from JW’S and then I saw what I felt was even more proof that this people are real Jews from the bloodline of those tribes mention in chapter 7 of revelations.  John says in verse 4 of ch 7 that “he heard” the number and tribe information. Not that he saw in the other verses of the vision. This shows that john heard this information and didn’t see it so this isn’t a part of the symbolic visions john was going through. So one of two people told him this either Christ or the elder he spoke with throughout the vision. Based on the fact that the elder was only there during his vision that leaves Christ. So Christ actually told him that he was going to seal the tribes and how many. I felt and still do that this is the case and gives even more proof that just like in the book of Isaiah that God will bring his people back to him and they will eventually be his people once again. His word can’t come back void and will accomplish what it set out to do originally. I think we have to get over thinking like the church in Romans chapter 11. Thinking that somehow because he allowed us in that this somehow removes his real chosen people.  Now because of this I felt I was given up on allowing the mentor I was studying with to even finish showing me anything else that shows any other outcome and considered the whole organization wrong because of this. This I knew might have been premature but was feeling burnt out on my search. So sent him the information on what I had just found that night and then went in for my prayer in my closet. I cried out to my Father in heaven through his Son Christ for help again. I told him I didn’t feel I was wrong and that I felt as if I had come to a end on this journey and needed direction from him to the path I should go once again. Now granted the last time I did this I had a dream about my baptism from a elder of the JW which is what put me on this path to begin with but here I was again like Joanna. But I just felt I needed to go another way but didn’t see any other real avenue left but maybe Mormons but I had already studied some what with them, or at least long enough to know I wasn’t going to be able to place a man in front of Christ or even along side him and say that somehow his approval and Christ were needed (not just Christ) to get the father. So it really wasn’t a choice. I told God that I needed more direction or confirmation on my path. I finished in tears and tired. I woke up feeling the same way I went to bed and finally got dressed and got my son off to school. It was about 7:40am when I walked out the house and saying to myself I give up trying to seek out answers and turned off my lights to my house and entered my garage and car and right then and there something happened that never happens this early in morning. My phone rang. I was shocked that it was ringing and pulled it out thinking wrong number or maybe my wife needs me.  It was Perry my Jehovah’s witnesses mentor calling me because I was on his heart to call and check in on me. Never has he ever called or communicated with me that early, nobody does. I was my life rope. He encouraged me and gave me scriptures for our further talks and made me feel that I was the most important person in the world to him at that time and assured me that when all the studies are over I would get everything answered. I can’t tell you enough how important that call was to me this morning. It meant everything to that direction of my walk. I felt added support for my journey more now than ever before. And I thanked him very graciously for the call and the timing of that call. So I will continue my walk and studies with the JWs. And I will allow them their due time and stage to show me what they see and believe about all of it not just the 144,000.  Hopefully when this is all done I will find out that all this was for a reason.  Until the next time people. Thanks for reading.


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