Different paths to Him?


Well for the last couple of months I have been studying the bible with Jehovah’s witnesses.  I have enjoyed some time with them. But as I have felt before with the life church, I don’t feel like I belong. Now granted I haven’t been there a year like have with the life church and all and maybe it is too quick to tell right now. I do however feel like there is too many things that concern me about there beliefs that make me feel a little concern about things with them. Maybe the only thing left is the Mormon church. And maybe nothing at all right now. I feel like I can’t find my way and feel at times that all directions are wrong. If it’s not money hungry churches, pastors sleeping around, woman leading,  sin approving atmospheres, isolation to those who bring it up or strike at rules and regulation that is both unscriptural and opinionated translations of the bible to fit them or tradition and or finally flat out pagan worshiping rituals. It just flat out a ball of mess which I see no way out of or way of clearing it right now. One direction show people doing right but being lead by rules and beliefs that don’t really prove to be of the bible at all times. Then we have the church that allows all things including issues with the pastors and members that flat out go against things of God and nothing but turning a blind eye is being done but they care about that money though.


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