When all the dust settles where will I be?


Well I have been spending time exploring all thoughts and even visiting Kingdom Halls and having bible studies with elders. I still have things I don’t see or agree with concerning Jehovah’s witnesses. But at the same time I have found quite a lot of things that I do agree with that I never thought I would at first. I have removed all assumptions and previous blocks I might have had about them and just looked at the information in the bible and crossed it with what they believe and found a lot more things I agree with than what I didn’t. However the main thing I don’t agree with biblically is the thoughts and concerns of the 144,000. And this is a major part of that organization. I fail to see at this time how they came up with their beliefs and support them in the bible. I’m a person of the belief that we let scripture interpret scripture. I don’t believe and will never believe in implying believes. If the scripture says Christ had one leg and only one leg then Christ had one leg. I don’t believe in bringing up belief systems that imply things countering what was plainly said without just as much clear information being given as was previously stated somewhere in the bible. In other words you need you show me a clear cut scripture that states that Christ has two legs, word for word, before I let you tell me that the scripture doesn’t really mean this. And here in lies the problem. The scripture gives in revelation 7:1 the statement that the earth should not be harmed until the sealing of the 144,000 are done. This statement is revealed as the last action required before the great tribulation. In rev 9:5 it mentioned the plagues and locust and how the sealed (the only mentioned sealed people 144,000) would not be harmed during this tribulation period. This shows me that these people were picked from people on earth at that time not before like the watch tower teaches, that these same people didn’t go anywhere and don’t forget the most important thing is that all are male Jews from the bloodlines of the original tribes of Judea. So I know we live in the united states and all and I’m sure there are those that want to believe Christ is a specific Color because these helps them relate to him but we can’t do this and to do so is create falseness about His word and Him. He was who he was and is and his people are and will forever be the Jews(then us). So the 144,000 Jew virgin males(not untied states people ,not black people, not white people )remained on earth to help those left behind deal with what was happening according to the bible. Then we see that the bible even mentions that Christ gathered with them on earth on mount Zion(again on earth, not in heaven). We also see that mentioned in revelation a new city that came from the heavens ,New Jerusalem down to the new earth. This is the holy city on earth it says that God will dwell in with his people as he has always promised. This again is on earth in the holy city not heaven. Then in chapter 20 it then mentions a separate group of people that the JW declare the same as the 144,000 but it makes no reference that they are and if so why would it not just call these same people what it already called them before, the 144,000. These people are known as the Kings but the interesting thing is that these people were raised from the dead because they were beheaded martyrs that refused the mark of the beast. Well, last time I check the mark of the beast was not present during the book of Acts nor was the anitchrist the bible also adds these people refused . So that shows that even these people were on earth during the time of tribulation or a little before and were humans that were killed for not taken sides with the anitchrist not some spiritual raised from the dead original saints and JW’s. But again we were being told that they were Jehovah witnesses that died in the early 1900’s and the disciples and all those of the first church of the book of acts and so on. The two groups or should I say three groups(the unnumberable white robed group) of people instead of two pose a problem for me. Heaven is no longer the setting for all the things in revelation once the thousand year reign of Christ started it was earth and New Jerusalem. It passed away and a new heaven was created but that heaven shows no evidence that anyone is there most important God and or his Son. So for them to declare that the 144,000 will be with Christ in heaven and the rest of us to remain on earth without him is a big reach and until they can show me otherwise I can’t believe or stand with. The biggest thing however is to show me scripturally that somewhere clearly shows,without implying, that the 144,000 were not Jews, virgins males, and or chosen and sealed at the time of the tribulation and not before with the original church and disciples. I personally don’t think this is in the bible anywhere and I have been studying for years. But I am willing to listen. Personally I do hope it is so that I can move deeper into the organization because my time with them have been everything I had hope for with my past typical Churches. Whenever I had a question the elder would call me personally and discuss it, everytime. He would come every week to my house and there was never a time he didn’t check in on me. I didn’t get pushed aside, checked behind to see how much tithes I pay to determine if its worth their time, or get made at me because I asked questions he didn’t have the answers to and instead of telling me this and say they will get back to me the pastor gives me a definition of something as if that actually answers a yes or no question. And even their steps to becoming a Jehovah witness isn’t just one saying they want to join but it involves study of the word for weeks of dedication sometimes longer depending on the speed your learning. And even then your walk is not even scratched at the surface. It’s like studying in a Seminary school before you really start your ministry because once you are ready you are a minister and deliverer of God’s word. I wish other churches took this kind of approach. But again all is for not unless this issue is handled and I’m fine either way because His direction is more important than men, comfort zones, and traditions.


One thought on “When all the dust settles where will I be?

  1. I would just caution that in your quest for “knowledge” that you understand a few things:
    1. There are groups in every circle that are trained to defend their faith – Christians, Buddhists, Witnesses, Mormons, etc. Just as there are novices in the faith, there are also professional prognosticators who are taught the words to say and passages to rely upon.
    2. As we seek the one whom created us and the truth of doctrine and faith, understand that there will always be traces of similarities as much as there are differences. Phrases like AMEN and practices such as meditation and prayer will be present throughout the hosts of faiths.
    3. As the spiritual head of your household, it’s vital that you not only protect your family from the wiles of the enemy but that you also provide a wholesome, STABLE, and healthy environment upon which they can stand and grow. But, when the true dust settles, you better know God for yourself and trust that all that you have done for him has not been in vain or for naught.

    Been busy and haven’t had much time to read the blogs but more feedback to come…take the meat and toss the bones that don’t matter in my words.

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