Knowledge is simple or should it be complexed.


More and more each day I find myself not understanding how things became so complex in the dominations around the world. How overly thought things have been taught. And especially how traditions will make you see and defend things you know deep inside didn’t make sense. One example is how for so long I believed that Christ and The Father were the same person. I knew the complex environment that would have to create in order for that to really be true and I tried all my life not to look at them or dreaded speaking to people that question that concept when that brought up things like Christ having his own will separate from the Fathers, how Christ can be missing knowledge that the Father has(know when he is sending his son back but yet the son doesn’t know), why Christ would need to be our mediator of himself( Christ is the mediator between God and man), and flat out the most in your face fact…while Christ was still sitting in heaven on the throne of God he yet still called his Father his God( during the book of “The Revelation of Jesus Christ ***key though is the next words that come after this in the first verse in revelation….”which God gave to Him”. Notice the the revelations or statements are not from Christ himself. Yes he is speaking to John but the very first sentence says that the revelation that Christ gave was that to which was given or told to him by the Father. So the words spoke was not that of Christ even though he spoke for his Father. The words and the knowledge came directly from Yahweh Jehovah, the Father. Which again makes sense being that Christ confessed his limited knowledge about the end time whole he was speaking to his disciples(not even the son knows the date”). So it is very ease to confused statements spoke by Christ that were only statements revealed to him by the speaker of the original message his Father and Christ own words. But the fact that Christ again was in heaven after being given all the power and authority by the Father (which again shows they are not the same person nor are they equal like trinity people want you to believe) yet still called his Father Jehovah his “God”( Rev 3:12). All these facts and versus have always shown me that the Father is truly the Almighty God and his Son is sitting as King and God temporally until all is completed and will then step down as such and subject himself to the Father(1 Cor 15:28) I just don’t listen. An Almighty God subjects himself to no one as stated in scripture( 1 Cor 15:27). If you look at nothing else …these two scriptures by themselves explain both positions of the Son as the interim God or god. And the Father as the Almighty true God Yahweh Jehovah. These scriptures both show no equal authority or power of the two being one is only being seated there by the other by no power of himself. And finally shows that the two subjects Christ and The Father are only One in purpose and direction like my wife and I are in life but doesn’t give evidence for them being the same person. And before you burn me at the cross or stake. Remember the scriptures. You only need to believe that Christ is the “Son”of God(not that he is the Father or Jehovah), died for your sins, and was raised three days later(not that you have to stand on a type of body being transformed to a spiritual body like Corinthians spoke of and promised us or if it was his same physical body). So remember most of your doctrines point these requirements out themselves. So before you point at a Mormon or Jehovah’s Witness about them going to hell you might want to think about that your own doctrine creed requirements and realize that if those are they then both groups meet them. Just a little something to think about.


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