Dear diary part two


So where are we today. Well more information and more rumors proven wrong. Still some concerns and still no final place of being yet decided. But such is the walk anyone goes through on a journey. Top things I found out be true so far starts with The Cross. Or should I say the lack there of. I didn’t know that the word used in versus in the original text stauros means “STAKE” not cross. In fact the bible gives no proof or underline proof that there was any crossing of the stake or that there was two pieces or bottom line more than one stake. I remember so many times people including myself laughed at Jehovah’s Witness people for saying stake and not that Christ died on a cross. The cross had become essential to Christian living and Christ in many minds that to think that this was wrong was a huge hurtle most can’t foresee to make. Even those that find out the truth again are so wrap up in tradition that they could never see this or allow themselves to see. But sure enough I was once again proving wrong by the findings and anyone can look this up in any Greek translation of the scripture. How the cross came to be is said to be pagan in its origin once again. And the way all the findings I have have turned out to be I tend to agree with the JW’s yet again on this. The more I find out the more it pains me and scares me to consider what else is wrong with the traditional church. I remember growing up thinking to myself about the need or point of having a cross around the church and or around your neck if this is suppose to be the thing that my savior was killed on and or used torture him to death. Even then I had questions about the need but swept them under a rug because it was was accepted by everyone else. So again way to go JW’s on that.

Now on to the negatives. And I’m not sure yet if I can count this a full negative yet until I get more clarity. JW’s believe that the gifts of the apostles and early church passed away. First off I can’t blame them for this thought anymore than I blame them for looking at Christ as Michael. Most don’t know this but they are not the only people that thought these things as well. There were early baptist doctrine and teachers that taught this same thing. I was actually blowed away again when I found out that the early baptist churches teaches gave creed to Michael and Christ being the same person or creation. I always thought it was made up by JW’s. So one has to wonder if it was good enough for the so call true church baptist then why are the JW’s treated with such hate for thinking the same thing(not that I even agree with either right now). So all this was said to bring back the fact at JW’s don’t believe that inspiration , dreams , tongues, miracles, prophecy, and other gifts exist anymore. And that God is now silent period to all believers because he gave us his last answer to all things when he allowed his son to die for us on the tortured stake. They still believe that he influences us in the things listed in the word or by other people’s actions but nothing else is given or should I say nothing else is regularly given like dreams, visions, or spiritual spoken words they said. Now I believe right now that this is only a mere neutral statement because I told them about the dream I had and how my life is filled with examples of God speaking to my spirit man given warnings and confirmation on things in my life that actually happened all the way down to how my wife was found. They claimed that nothing is impossible for God and that he could choose to speak to me like this but that they never have had this kind of communication to them. I merely told them that this is based on their faith. If they don’t have the faith for this then I’m not surprised because a lot of things if not all is faith based. If you believe God can’t speak to you like this then it won’t happen. They concurred it was possible. But I am concern about that. So more to come soon.

Ps: I have started bible study with two ministers of the Kingdom Hall to get more “out of the horses month answers from them”.


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