What has gone on so far in the search for my direction.


I feel that a dear diary moment has come. I continue my search for answers. Answers to my direction that he wants from me. A direction that I’m not willing to allow traditions, assumptions, my own comfort zone, or anything else to get in the way of. I am willing to follow Him no matter what I’m use too or what I have always believed or been told. If the fact point it then I will listen. If he confirms things I will listen. Even if its not what I feel like doing I’m willing to do. This is the only way you can be to have true revelation come. What good is the answers one is given is not followed because the person allows what others think or what others have said to get in the way.

So I say all this because of my latest situation. I have been fasting and praying for some time now. Trying to purge myself completely of anything in me that could stand in the way of answers given to me or revelations spoken to me. On the evening of January 23rd I was in prayer asking again for continued support and enlightenment of my direction he would have me take. I spent time also bidding Satan from my prayers and hearing them before hand so that I could have more assurance of him not influencing anything seen or heard that might give direction. I went to bed that night and had a dream. A dream that was very powerful and detailed. I dreamed that entered a building and found a leader there that was to baptize me(more later who this person was). I remember not going with him to any pool but it was done on the plain floor to which I stood. I was praying on my knees and lifting hands toward heaven. And then the man came and stood over me in front with a huge bowl of water. He then poured it over me and it completely covered me as one would be covered and surround by water inside a egg. There was no shell only a water container in the shape of a egg with me inside it still balled up. Inside I could breath and was in total solitude. The world outside the egg could no longer be heard or seen. At that moment I spoke, still praying mind you,”is this your sign Father?” And at that very moment my body was filled with his Holy Spirit like I had felt in time past but this time it was way more powerful. I remember feeling like I was not only being filled with His spirit but that I was in heaven and had died without me knowing it being reborn in heaven. I remember that great light that should have been blinding but wasn’t surrounding me everywhere my eyes focused. Then I stood up out of the water egg given praise to God with my arms open wide in sure amazement and the the water feel from around me once I was at my apex of my stature. Then everything that was once around me before the water was poured was again there and I started speaking out praise and thanks to God in his Son’s name Yeshua the messiah. And then as times before I was feeling my mouth start to prepare for tongues and I stopped myself because of where I was and who was around me and then I woke up. The person that baptized me was an Elder of the Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah witness’s. Wow right? Now what does this mean I haven’t fully come up with answers on it. In one hand we have God’s presents inside that egg and then what I could tell was a resurrection from my dead life and new life I was given . But the alarming part was when I stopped myself from speaking in tongues. Was this to show negativity or positive outlook on what I went through? The funniest thing is that everyone that I tell this story to all say and react the same way. I never tell them who baptized me or where I was. And everyone is all excited and sure that my experience is of God and that God was blessing me with a great path and this confirms that he is wanting you to do this. But when I tell them who baptized me and where I was they all turn right back around and claim that the dream is the devil and all of sudden doesn’t mean anything good. I tell you I haven’t ever seen a more hated group of people in my life. I don’t think atheist even get this kind of hate from Christians. I bet the majority of the people out there would look at a person in Scientology before they look at a Jehovah witnesses. It’s a shame how much stigma is surrounding them yet they aren’t hurting people, they are peaceful and they love Yahweh. Yet you can take a group that doesn’t even believe God or his bible exist period and they will be welcome at the dinner table. More on my walk later just thought I would share my dream. It could mean a lot of things which is why this doesn’t stamp out a conclusion yet. I still have more to go and more questions to ask.


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