The mystery problem of the J in the bible.


If you missed it I had some serious issues about the bible and churches today that included the terms jesus, Jehovah , James, Jerusalem ,John and any other name in the bible that begin with a “J”. The reason is that it didn’t exist until 300-400 hundred years ago. Most don’t know this but any of your trained pastors that have a biblical degree will tell you this. What they won’t tell you however, at least not off the bat, is that man made up a name for Christ and God and all the other disciples. They did this the moment the USA decided they wanted to add another sound and letter to our language that didn’t exist in any language in the world ever. So by doing this they made it impossible to transliterate anything they added a “J” to such as the all important name of Christ. And they did this on their own accord. God never said it was ok nor gave a dream to any of them to do this. So that’s how you get all these names from. I thought it best to remove myself from churches and organizations that did this because I felt that it was blasphemy. However my research has concluded on the matter and I have decided that I have no choice but to remain with the names man has made up. Reason being is that nobody can confirm what the real name was to begin with. YHWH is missing letters to make the sound so you can’t say 100% what truly must have been there. And then we have Christ name Yeshua , Yahushua , yashua ,yahoshua…etc. Nobody can confirm this name either. Everybody gives their own proof and neither of them by themselves really conclude the matter as fact on the real pronounced name of our savior but they do know for sure it wasn’t Jesus. So bottom line until there can be a confirmed name on either I can’t ever look at this issue to change without the real name being verified. So this part of the mission is over. It’s good that this is over right now and that I have made progress on my goals that I sat out to accomplish. Only one more to go. Which church or organization should I belong to?


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