Do you even know your own doctrine?

I ask this question because most people that stand for the trinity don’t even know what it is. They assume one thing but the doctrine teaches a whole other thing. And this shouldn’t really be on them because most preachers don’t even know the doctrine and they mix and match different things together from Oneness theology and trinity theology. This is why so many of us don’t understand things and end up frustrated with their beliefs and their churches when they start studying for themselves daily. So I just thought it would be neat to post the beliefs up so that most can get information they truly need to determine if in fact you have believed because of assumption or because of fact.

Trinity : by definition means ….. three distinct(meaning I’m me and you are you and we all have our own individual plans, thoughts, characteristics) persons that contain one God inside all of them, being coequal in power and authority.

**True example : Me , my dad, and my brother . All of use come from the same gene poll, I am my own man, my dad is his own man, and my brother is his own man. I have my own purpose, will, and job, my brother his, and my father his. We are in the jones family and we contain a spiritual being named Yahweh inside of all of us and we all are coequal in skills, knowledge, strength , power and authority.

***Example most try to give you : standing water ,same water being froze is still the same water, or vaporized is still the same water. This example is not the same at all to the one above. In fact this example would be that of Oneness theology.

Oneness teaches that One God took on three different manifestations at different times throughout time to complete his purpose. They teach that the end result of all the manifestations will be Christ solely.

The first one above is what the doctrine of the trinity says God is and unless you say that too then you aren’t saved(most don’t know that either). Yes, that’s right people of “saved by grace only” and “once saved always saved” concept. The doctrine of the trinity states that unless you see God like the first above definition you aren’t saved. I wonder if your church teaches you this. I doubt they do.

Now to make this a little clearer a “manifestation” is different from a “distinct person”. Manifestation means that the same person just took on a different role. Distinct person is not the same person and is his own individual therefore you literally have three people standing there talking saying we are one God. Do you see the difference in that? And I’m willing to bet you that most of you see God as manifestations and not three different people standing together as One God.

So for me looking over the two subjects I again don’t see how one could believe in the trinity when the scripture clearly contradicts it.

Problems if you believe in the trinity :

1: coequalness (if there is such a word)

2: Holy Spirit vs the Father who is spirit (invisible) but yet there is Only ONE spirit , one mediator

No coequal environment is present :

Bible clearly shows the Father being superior in every way to Christ. Even Christ himself calls his Father His God. Confesses that the father knew more (time when he is to return). And that the father was greater than him. Even states “I can do nothing of myself” “. Power and authority had to be given to Christ from the Father and even then its only temporary until he finishes making Christ enemies his footstool. And then all authority and power will be back in the hands of the Father which was never under Christ rule even while he sat in his Fathers seat.

The Holy Spirit is missing from God’s throne room in heaven. No mention of him on the throne , seated at the left hand or behind The Father. Nothing. The son loves the Father, the Father loves the son , no mention of either of them loving the Holy Spirit. Why? Because the Holy Spirit is just God himself in action as he once was in the Old Testament . It’s his power force that flows through his followers. It’s not a separate person. And last if there is only one spirit and one mediator between God and man how can the Father be a separate spirit , Christ having his own spirit ,and then the Holy Spirit being a spirit? Doesn’t add up does it? That’s not One spirit!


I’m not saying that oneness has all the answers either because there are holes there as well but what I’m saying is that of the two the trinity makes the least sense and has no real base in the text of the bible. More soon….


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