Salvation is a gift not a crutch!


Lets first understand what the word means. Salvation means “right standing with God” in the bible. It is a current state of being for those who have believed, confessed Christ in their life. Once this happens you are given two things. One access to the Father through his son and two all your pass transgression whipped away (ae:old life) so that you are a new creation in him with a fresh start. The strangest and yet most problematic issue in most churches today is that somehow the concept of salvation has been twisted to fit people who don’t want to change and think they can have eternal life the easy way. Much like the rich man Jesus spoke to. Thinking they can gain salvation on their terms instead of God’s term. Proof of this was found when I was reading a article about a baptist minister who accused of being a false teacher because he taught his people that they must turn from their sins and live a holy life and not continue to be in sin as they once were. Now there may be more to it than this but the focus of proof they used to accuse this man was that he was not telling his people that once they were saved that they could continue to do whatever they wanted and go to heaven. The gospel isn’t a joke people. Like Christ said if you love me, then you will keep my commandments (John 14:15). Only those who are serious about their walk of faith will get the reward in the end. Living Faith(faith that follows corresponding action) is what saves us not dead faith. And dead faith is faith without corresponding action(James 2:14,26). Therefore who confesses Christ should live for him and if you live for him you must love him and if you love him then you would not disobey his commandments. Now granted one can slip up and that is what forgiveness and confession is for. But those that practice sin is not of Christ(1john 3:6). And to continue in your sins means that you practice them and therefore aren’t of him. So it’s not Christ and do whatever you want. It’s Christ and live for him and push for holiness everyday. Or as Paul says “I have to workout my salvation(Philip 2:12)… my responsibility, Christ has done his part by given us a fresh start and freedom of our old sins giving us a clean slate but what you do with that is up to you. It’s a everyday progress that takes our life to do. And only those that continue to follow his rules AND finished the race will gain entry(2 Tim 2:5).


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