Just being fair!


Ok now back to the search. We last left off with the fruit of the tree. We went into great statements about most all Christian church’s people in general vs Jehovah witness people and Mormon people in general. I concluded that of them all the Jehovah witness people seem to represent Christ on earth than the others in general. Not saying this applies to all people in these groups , just as a whole.

Well today we look a little at the Jehovah witnesses. Based on the bible and not man and what America’s tv shows tell you I can’t see where they are wrong in their actions and most of their thoughts. The first thing that must be stated is that they do believe in Christ as their savior, they believe he died for our sins, and they do believe he rose from the dead (but only like the bible said in 1 Cor 15:42-57). I see nothing wrong with this belief because its backed up in the bible. And personally before knowing one single thing about Jehovah witnesses I looked at Christ resurrection the exact same way because the bible points out what happens. So I never believed anything different from the fore mentioned scripture above. It still means that he rose people. I love it when man tries to place their creed into bible provisions for qualified salvation. Things like “you must believe Christ was resurrected “bodily” to be saved. Bible says “rose” 3 days later, it mentions nothing about the type of resurrection. Only that one took place. Then we have the whole “must believe in the trinity concept”. Again all men, not God. He never said this and most importantly how can anyone of us understand fully anything about God and what he has done or how he works. So if the scriptures through Christ himself and then that of his disciples continue to put in motion that there is one God. And Christ makes it clear that the one GOD IS HIS FATHER AND HIS GOD both on earth as a so called man and in heaven as the resurrected immortal being sitting on the throne of God. Then we have no cause to point fingers at JW and say their belief is wrong when they are merely repeating what our savior said multiple times. That He has A God and His God is Greater than him, knows more than him, was the person that gave him his seat and power and most importantly is the one that will require Christ to subject himself under His Rule when all is done. There is no question that these are not the same people much less are coequal in power and authority. And then you also can remember the actual creed in the bible says you only need to believe that Christ is the Son of God(died for your sins, and raised 3 days after) to be saved. There is nothing that states that you have to believe Christ is the Father or that Christ is coequal to the Father ,or that Christ alone is God the father and the Holy Spirit. No none of these is quoted as part of the qualifications needed to have a new life in him. Only that you believe he is the Son of God. . Man’s creed will add other things so don’t get confused. Now I’m not saying I agree with all things the JW’s do because I don’t . I have a lot of studying to do to even get to that bridge. But the more I find out about others groups of Christians the more I see no purpose for their hate of Jehovah witnesses because they are doing worse things on a regular bases than the JW ‘s. Yet they call the JW’s the misguided ones. Even Mormons show better character than the typical Christian denominational church out there. And here is something of note. Most Christian churches today will allow pagan gods and customs like Easter bunnies and Santa clause, halloween, and Valentine’s Day into their worship doors and homosexual relationships and members for the sake of keeping people happy and paying tithes. All with open arms and smiles. But will lash out against a Jehovah’s Witness when they come to their door or post hate or condemnation towards them and their peaceful ways and accuse them of not being of God. I don’t get it. Again I’m saying they are perfect but I do see how backwards that is for so called Christian believers to back the things that the world accepts when the bible is against it but yet crucify a group that is obeying the word and try’s to stay out of the world. Part 2 coming next…..


2 thoughts on “Just being fair!

  1. You’re passionate and that is great but you need to get some wise instruction to help guide you. Look into sunset international bible institute and pray about if it is right for you. Pray and fast to find God’s direction. May God bless and direct you.

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