The fruit of the tree!


Mathew 7:19 “Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.

The fruit a people bares should tell you who they follow. The problem is that every denomination that I have been under all continue to bare either strife within the church, someone is sleeping with the pastor, choir is led by homosexuals, Santa Claus and christmas trees are sitting in the church during December, Easter bunnies Easter egg hunts going around, pastor asking for more money for his birthday when he already has a 6 figure salary, church buying a gym, statue, or yet another locations to have more services to get more tithes and all the while the people are suffering and loosing homes and can’t pay bills but yet pay tithes faithfully. And the people when they leave still curse the first person they see out on the road for cutting them off, drink hard, smoke, sell drugs, go home to the shack up lovers, and all while pointing fingers at Jehovah witness and Mormons claiming they aren’t Gods people and going to hell. It truly blows me away. So much that I did a little test and asked randomly different people out the blue what group of people best represent God’s people regardless of title between baptist, Methodists, catholic, Mormon, Pentecostal, and Jehovah witness. The strangest thing was that 90% of the comments were that Jehovah witnesses best showed or replicated Christ as a whole more than any other group. The other 10 % were Mormons. It’s really strange that nobody mentioned the others when they are the main people pointing out how Jehovah witnesses and Mormons aren’t of God. But doesn’t even God say that by the fruit of the tree will you truly know who and what you are in relation to his people. If what the other do are supposedly representing God and what the JW and Mormon doing representing satan we are surely lost. If they aren’t of God and you are then I guess you need to replant your trees because I can’t see the fruit as a whole. I’m sure it’s always individuals that do represent God better in all factions but as a whole bye enlarge nobody is doing it better than the JW’s. So maybe other churches should take some pointers being that they are the true believers and the JW aren’t;). That way I won’t get so confused when I see the trees cut down on their side.


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