As I have believed and said before the concept of three people doesn’t equal to one God. Especially when all three have different wills and personalities. Another huge point that most don’t even look at is a big crack in this whole trinity thing.

Trinity is that God exist in three different people.. The father, son, and Holy Spirit. The problem as I have always pointed out is the Holy Spirit. A separate spirit being person himself according to trinity. Now stop and think for one second for yourself. If God is a spirit and there is but one spirit. How can there be a Holy Spirit too. Remember GOD the entity exist in three different people or persons, right? God is already a spirit and then you have three people the father, son and Holy Spirit. Just do the math folks. God who is spirit existing in three different persons (who have their own wills, personalities and spirits themselves) God +Jesus and his own will and spirit and soul + plus The Father who again is suppose be a another person and said to be invisible so that would mean that he is spirit also+ the Holy Spirit which is said to have his own will and personality too which again is a whole different spirit on its own too. Are you getting this? I know its not what you believe out there because most people don’t and its because they don’t even know what their own doctrine teaches. And here is a killer statement for you for free. The Father is NEVER once said to have anyone or anything inside him other than reference to Christ coming from his bosom in reference to Christ creation. In other words the Father is God , God doesn’t reside in him. HE IS GOD. You won’t find one scripture that says that God is in the Father. You only find that reference applied to Christ. Never to the Father and never to the Holy Spirit because this is merely God himself in power given action upon his believers. JUST Stop and THINK I BEG YOU. Remember the trinity says that neither the Father, son , or Holy Spirit is greater than the others and that God resides in all of them coequally. This is false, and you will see it for yourself if you just look at the doctrine and apply it to the scripture. Again GOD DOESN’T RESIDE IN THE FATHER FOR HE IS TRULY GOD himself. HE RESIDES IN EVERYTHING ELSE BECAUSE HE IS The True GOD when all is said and done.


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