Time to look into one’s self. To be alone in the mist of the sea


If I was to ask myself to be honest about my beliefs after bible courses in college vs what they were before you would get completely different answers. The one thing bible college brings to your life is confrontation of your beliefs. It challenges your traditions and thoughts and makes you look over things with a fine tooth comb. This is what happens when you study the origins of things and why they are. It can really make you insane I’m told. Well thanks to my list I at least owe it to myself to look into my beliefs.

Oneness was what I was saved as and baptized as. Pentecostal belief was it, because even at a early age during church in a traditional trinity church I never believed like the doctrine teaches nor did most people that went to my same church. But it became so traditional nobody cared to think for themselves. Three different people standing together to be one God coequal in all just never worked for me. And when someone told me the true meaning and doctrine it took forever for me to accept that. Even today if you ask a common trinity church member did they know that god was three people , coequal ,and standing as one God they will tell you no. But if you ask them if they knew that Christ was God manifested in the flesh and that he and his father as was one they would say they believed that. Most so call trinity churches don’t even know the meaning of the word trinity. And looking at the bible you can’t tell me that you can’t see a clear difference between the Father Yahweh and Christ. Christ said he and his father had two wills(“not my will but yours”). Christ said he can do nothing of himself. Christ said only the Father is Good. Christ said that only his Father knew when he was to return, Christ died, but we all know God can’t. Christ is said that the Father is his God. And finally Christ is to be removed from the throne of power when all is done so that God his father can take back his rightful place(when all things are put under his feet then the son will subject himself to the Father). All these verses prove that Christ is not equal to his Almighty God and Father. Even Christ himself said it best when he said that his Father is greater than him. By Christ own confession the Father is greater. So the doctrine of three different people being coequal is false, they are not.

Now what I believed was that Christ was Yahweh. Versus used in Isaiah 9:6 describing what people will call his title( Father and God). This was my favor position verse to take as a oneness believer. But even I still had questions. If he is the Father in the flesh then why even after raising he still worshiped and called The Father his God still. There was no humanity thing or any human traits in him at that time. He was said to be fully God by that time and rose with all power and authority(key though is that this power and authority was only given to him by Father. Showing still separation. Christ even being seated as God called his Father his God. And just like above example. They apply here too. Why is The Father wiser, has more power and authority, responsible in given you all things? And then most importantly who died on the cross because God himself didn’t die and can’t die. So again in order for Christ to be able to die he couldn’t be God the Father only. Oneness will say it was Christ humanity talking and acting during those questionable times. Humanity is a trait like being a nice person and or tall. Humanity is not a separate person, its a description of how one acts based on beliefs or other influences. It’s not some kind of separate Being speaking. And that was always my worse subject to talk to people about because I knew it didn’t make sense to me but I went with it. I couldn’t rightful expect other to believe when I say that when Christ cried out my God, my God , why have you forsaking me that this was only the flesh of Christ speak. My flesh doesn’t speak,I speak. Christ flesh isn’t a separate alien person flesh that speaks independent of its owner. It may have desires but its not independent of you to the point it can have a conversation with someone and the real you is sitting there inside waiting for the flesh to get through. Christ body didn’t speak Christ spoke and spoke in true concern and pain over his fathers actions. They are clearly not the same and yet Christ is called God. Christ is called God and Father titles in Isaiah yet you clearly see a big difference between the God of the Old Testament and Christ in the new. One had no mercy or quarter during the Old Testament years. And the other had mercy on everyone he saw and laid eyes on. These two people and views are nowhere close to being the same Christ was so much more merciful than His Father in the Old Testament. And then in genesis chapter’s 18-21 you evidence of angels being given the the title of Lord or Jehovah even though they were merely representatives and this isn’t the only time this has happen throughout the bible. And last there is that old concrete fact that the bible says in John 1:18 that no man has EVER seen God at ANY TIME. This means old or New Testament period. No one! So how can Christ be him if we have seen him or if the angles mentioned here were really Jehovah then that scripture lied. That means that every single time a angel was seen and given the name God, Lord, or Jehovah these means that they merely were called that because He spoke through them and they represented. And if this is the case this could apply the Isaiah 9:6 and every other place Christ is Called God but yet still has a greater God over him because he is merely (use that term loosely) a exact representation of Him. And fact two is that having a greater God over you means that you aren’t The True God but merely a god or only standing in office of God as his representative like the bible said Elohim did when it states he told his son to “sit here (referring to His Throne, power, and authority) until I make all your enemies your footstool. And then when the last which is death is place under him then so will the Son subject himself to his Father therefore returning all back to Him as the True God and ruler of all “(1 cor 1:25-28). So then how with things like this (and there is more, not my will but yours, intercessory representative for us to the Father, and many more) can I even stick with Oneness? So we know the trinity is not it. And then you see a better way through oneness and it still can’t stand, at least not like the doctrine showed. So what then? Even the famous leader of the Pentecostal movement David Bernard stated that if God the Father isn’t Christ himself then Christ would be a secondary, subsidiary god or God because he( they referred to his human side) was under the rule and control of the Father who is Christ’s God and greater than him. Well then as I see it right now I see too much evidence that Christ isn’t really
the Father only His Son. This would then make the theories of the Arian theology the closest to the answers or is the answer . And that brings only one group up Jehovah witnesses. I don’t have another theory of thought left that man has given to ride on. But again this is only the view of Christ and Yahweh. So more to come.


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