My list


You may wonder what are your beliefs and or idea of a perfect church. Well I decided to list mine. Listing always helps you put things into prospective.

1. Christ is God born as a man and was deemed the “Son of God” because the Holy Spirit aka God himself caused the conception of the child. There is no 3 different people coequal standing as one God(which is the doctrine of the trinity even if you didn’t know it). There is only One. And that One is stated clearly in the bible as Christ. As both old and New Testament call him God and Father. So oneness belief will be the core of my church.

2. Baptisms done in Christ name. Not by calling out titles. The word Father , Son, and Holy Spirit are descriptions or terms of relationship. The Word Father is not a name. It describes God’s relation to us or Christ as our Father. Same with “son” and the “holy spirit”. All only describe a manifestation of God at different times or acts of will in given moments throughout time. So when they say in the NAME (singular) not NAMES… It’s asking for the one name that represents the manifestations of all three . And that one name is the same name under heaven by which you may be saved. Christ His son, Immanuel.

3. Tithing

4. Holiness

5. “No god else” environment. No picture of Michael Angelo versus of Christ , not crosses…no Christmas trees , Easter Bunnies or colored egg hunts, and no valentine day celebration. In those doors if its not about Him then it doesn’t get used .

6. Return to sabbath day worships.

7. Clothes and outward appearance never are judge or required.

8. Communion offered every service.

9. All spiritual gifts believed on but ORDER held higher than anything else. If one speaks in tongues then there must be a interpreter present…… All rules the bible stands for, we stand for.

10. Visits: Door to door , sick and shut in, and helping the people in our city or around the world are our goals.


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